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about us

With a shared passion to help individuals pursue their educational and career paths with self confidence, Dana and Mary partnered together in 2015 to create Aplomb Consultants. Together they bring over 35 years of experience and expertise to assist individuals and groups in navigating critical educational and career decisions.

Aplomb Consultants


My professional experience includes over two decades in management, corporate marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2015, I co-founded Aplomb Consultants to apply my professional roles and industry knowledge with my passion and purpose to encourage others to discover their own career satisfaction.
I find fulfillment consulting my clients through a self discovery process focused on learning their natural abilities, skills, interests, values and personal style and helping them align who they are with what they do. I enjoy working with students, adults and organizations all with the goal to help each client find successful educational and professional

Education & Certifications

Vanderbilt University - BS Human Organizational Development 
University of Texas, Austin - M.B.A.
Highlands Ability Certified Consultant
NCDA Certified Career Services Provider

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I am passionate about the career development process and the potential to create a career that is an expression of one’s self-concept.  I truly enjoy helping clients make intentional decisions about their educational and professional plans.  An understanding of one’s strengths, personal style, values, skills, and interests is critical to the decision-making process. Using  formal and informal assessments in combination with an in-depth interview and consultation, I work with students, adults, and teams to cultivate self-awareness and apply this information to their educational and professional development.
I spent many years working in university academic advising centers where I guided students in their degree and career planning. In 2015, I co-founded Aplomb Consultants to more comprehensively facilitate career development for students, 
adults, and teams.  To further my mission, I also teach a student development course for new community college students.


Education & Certifications

Vanderbilt University – BA Psychology
University of Texas, Austin – M. Ed. Educational Psychology
Highlands Ability Battery Certified Consultant
NCDA Certified Career Counselor

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